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About Kiwi & Common Questions

Tamara Mercer

Kiwi The Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Last Updated October 4th 2022

All we want is to spread positivity around the world & kiwi is amazing at doing that.  Kiwi inspires me to be a better person & appreciate the little things in life.  

Kiwi is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet and was born on April 16th 2020. I found him through a private breeder on Facebook and I instantly fell In love! We flew him in by plane from Ontario To Nova Scotia, Canada. I received him when he was only two months old, just a sweet little baby. 

What’s the daily care of an Indian Ringneck? The first year was rough, Indian Ringneck's are famous for being overly cranky out of no where (just like a teenager) his bites can break the skin & bleed plus lots screaming. This breed is certainly not for first time parrot owners, they take a lot of time and patients.  You must clean their cage daily & change their toys around often so they don’t get bored! 

Kiwi is out of his cage for 5-14 hours a day.  He will destroy everything, poops everywhere until fully trained, throw his food around, scream, never ending talking and requires a lot of attention.  He must be watched at all times, if I can’t keep an eye on him I do put him in his cage or a travel cage if he wants to go for a ride. Good thing he’s some cute! 

Kiwi knows where to poop most of the time on his cage or on his perch.  When he does poop on his cage he will stare at you for a treat (mom I did a good job, treat treat please)! Though Indian Ringnecks will poop once every 15 minutes or so...  When Kiwi doesn't get his own way he will poop on you or anywhere he wants lol! 

Does he wake us up in the middle of the night? He sleeps a full 12 hours with no sounds, we must cover his cage to have complete darkness or hill wake us up when the sun shines through the windows.  If we don’t cover his cage he wakes us up at 6am with “Helloooo? Is anyone there???” 

What was kiwis first word? By the time he was 6 months old he said his first word “peek-a-boo” and Indian Ringneck's don't normally talk until a year old!

Do Males have a ring and females don’t? Males normally don’t get their ring around their neck until the age of 1.5-2years old (some longer)

Where did we get his name? When ever I said the word “chicken” he raised his head up with such excitement that he now mostly responds to “blue chicken” rather than Kiwi.  We came up with the name Kiwi knowing he was blue and wouldn’t match his name. Though the fruit is green, yes, we just wanted something different and it turned out that green is his favourite colour! 

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